Data update: We’ve just updated all of our global CO₂ emissions data

Every year, the Global Carbon Project publishes the latest annual update of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the international climate conference.

This update provides estimates of global CO2 emissions for the latest year, as well as estimates for every country in the world.

This dataset – the Global Carbon Budget – is the primary source of our data on CO2 emissions on Our World in Data. The new release of the Global Carbon Budget for 2022 has now been published.1 We have updated all of our emissions data. You can explore it all in our CO2  Data Explorer.

The Global Carbon Budget now has estimates of land use emissions for all countries

There is one major update in this year’s carbon budget.

National emissions data was only available for CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industrial processes (such as cement production). It did not include emissions from land use change.

This year’s update – for the first time – now includes land use estimates for countries, extending back to 1850.

The quality of these estimates is better for some countries than others. In our chart here we show the project’s assessment of the data quality for each country.

Since the estimates of emissions for fossil fuels and industry are much more certain than for land use change, we still adopt the former as our main CO2 emissions metric. However, we now also include charts on land use change, and combined emissions from fossil fuels, industry and land use.

These are available in our CO2  Data Explorer.


Many thanks to Robbie Andrew and Pierre Friedlingstein for early provision of data from the latest Global Carbon Budget release.