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Our World in Data is an online publication that shows how living conditions are changing. The aim is to give a global overview and to show changes over the very long run, so that we can see where we are coming from and where we are today. We need to understand why living conditions improved so that we can seek more of what works.

We cover a wide range of topics across many academic disciplines: Trends in health, food provision, the growth and distribution of incomes, violence, rights, wars, culture, energy use, education, and environmental changes are empirically analyzed and visualized in this web publication. For each topic the quality of the data is discussed and, by pointing the visitor to the sources, this website is also a database of databases. Covering all of these aspects in one resource makes it possible to understand how the observed long-run trends are interlinked.

The project is produced by the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development at the University of Oxford, and is made available in its entirety as a public good. Visualizations are licensed under CC BY-SA and may be freely adapted for any purpose. Data is available for download in CSV format. Code we write is open-sourced under the MIT license and can be found on GitHub. Feel free to make use of anything you find here!


Get directly in contact with us at info@ourworldindata.org or through our feedback form.

If you want to use data or visualizations from the site, you don't need to contact us: please just go ahead and do so!

Our Team

  • Max Roser

    - Founder and Program Director

    Max is an economist at the University of Oxford and the founder of Our World in Data. He began the project in 2011 and for several years was the sole author, until receiving funding for the formation of a team. Max's research focuses on poverty, health, and the distribution of incomes. He has a background in economics, geoscience, and philosophy.


Research Team

  • Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

    - Senior Researcher

    Esteban joined our team in 2016. He is working on economic development, the public sector, education, and a wide range of related topics. Esteban completed his DPhil in Economics at the University of Oxford.

    esteban@ourworldindata.org / @eortizospina
  • Hannah Ritchie

    - Researcher

    Hannah joined us in 2017 as a researcher. She focuses on the long-term development of food supply, agriculture, energy, and environment, and their compatibility with global development. Hannah completed her PhD in GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh.

    hannah@ourworldindata.org / @HannahRitchie02
  • Joe Hasell

    - Research Project Manager

    Joe joined us in 2017 and is managing large research projects that require the composition of new datasets on long-term change. He researched the long-term history of famines and is currently researching the history of war.

  • Diana Beltekian

    - Research Assistant (part-time)

    Diana joined us in 2017 and as a research assistant she is researching on the long-term history of a large number of aspects including trade, education, and technological change.

  • Sophie Ochmann

    - Research Assistant (part-time)

    Sophie joined us in 2017 and as a part-time research assistant she is researching topics in global health, including the history of polio.


Web Development

  • Jaiden Mispy

    - Lead Developer

    Jaiden joined the team in 2016 and is developing the OWID-Grapher – the visualisation tool that is at the heart of this online publication. He is also developing the website and he is overseeing and managing the future development of the technical framework of our online publication.

    jaiden@ourworldindata.org / @m1sp


  • Sonya Bhatt

    - Administrative and Finance Officer (part-time)

    Sonya joined the team in 2018 and is supporting our work on the administrative and financial side.



  • Tony Atkinson

    Our World in Data was developed in collaboration with Sir Tony Atkinson. Tony Atkinson's work was concerned with issues of social justice, design of public policy, and measurement of inequality and poverty. Professor Atkinson developed the idea for this publication together with Max and remained an advisor until his death in 2017.

  • David Hendry

    Sir David Hendry was the Principal Investigator in the initial phase of the project. Professor Hendry is an econometrician with a focus on the analysis of time-series data. We are very grateful for his support and advice through the years.



Former Team Members

  • Aibek Aldabergenov

    - Web Developer

    Aibek worked on the database that stores our global development data. Among other projects he developed tools that automatically fetch global development data to keep our publication up to date.

  • Lindsay Lee

    - Research Assistant

    Lindsay worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. She helped expand content across the site, especially in health and demographics. Lindsay completed her Master of Public Policy and MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

  • Mohamed Nagdy

    - Research Assistant

    Mohamed worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. He helped expand content on the growth and distribution of incomes, economic development, violence, and education. Mohamed graduated from the University of Oxford with a MPhil in Economics.

  • Sandra Tzvetkova

    - Researcher and editor

    Sandra contributed research on gender aspects of development, edited the content of our publication, and managed our social media accounts.

  • Ruby Mittal

    - Research Assistant

    Ruby worked with us as a part-time research assistant and supported our research on the long-term history of global development.

  • Marco Molteni

    - Research Assistant

    Marco worked with us as a research assistant in 2017. He is an economic historian and worked with us on the long-term evolution of public spending, health spending, and economic development.

  • Zdenek Hynek

    - Web Developer

    Zdenek was the first web developer in our team and built the initial prototype of OWID-Grapher in 2015.

  • Julia Murphy

    - Research Assistant

    Julia worked with us as a research assistant in the summer of 2015 and helped to expand the entry about the internet.

Our Supporters

Our World in Data is supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our World in Data has also received generous support and enhancement from the German entrepreneur, businesswoman and philanthropist Susanne Klatten.

From 2015 to 2016 we were supported by a grant from the London-based Nuffield Foundation.

Our World in Data is made possible with the help of many individuals and organizations. We'd like to thank these people who generously donated or otherwise helped to support or work.

  • Adam Baybutt
  • Ajay Mehta
  • Aki Järvinen
  • Alex de Aboitiz
  • Alex Ward
  • Andreas Bruse
  • Andrew Condon
  • Andrew Harmsworth
  • Andrew Hill
  • Angus McLellan
  • Anne Cummings
  • Antony McCurdy
  • Aubrey Ayash
  • Ben Riley
  • Benjamin Burford
  • Beth Ceryak
  • Billy Griffin
  • Bob Specht
  • Brett Bukowski
  • Brian Hallissey
  • Brian Hartsock
  • Brian Holton
  • Carly Mask
  • Che Voigt
  • Cheney Beshara
  • Chris Behrens
  • Chris Halligan
  • Christopher Albertyn
  • Conor James
  • Conrad Cotton-Barratt
  • Corentin Smith
  • D Salerno
  • Dan Stephens
  • Daniel Bachler
  • Daniel Plas
  • Dave King
  • David Cantrell
  • David Eves
  • David Freedman
  • David Graham
  • David Graham
  • David Verchere
  • David Weinstein
  • Diogo Freire
  • Dirk Fröhling
  • Dominik Thomann
  • Donn Vidmar
  • Donna Quinlan
  • E.C. Drexhage
  • Eduardo Alvarez
  • Emre Marcelli
  • Eric Limbeck
  • Erica Solomon
  • Evan Fields
  • Eytan Lerba
  • Flack Mavelle
  • Florent Crivello
  • Flori Pihs
  • Francois Degeorge
  • Frank Shann
  • Frédéric Ranft
  • Fredrika Gullfot
  • Friedo Cornelius
  • Friedrich Hensler
  • Gabe Westmaas
  • Gaurav Chandrashekar
  • Grace Lee
  • Gunnlaugur Þór Briem
  • Harry Uffindell
  • Helen Hockney
  • Holden Bonwit
  • I Smith
  • Ivan Erceg
  • Jackson Wang
  • Jairo M Nicolau
  • James Beshara
  • James McGregor
  • Jamie Manley
  • Jareau Wade
  • Jill Gordon
  • Jason Crawford
  • Jeff Tidball
  • Jeremy Wohl
  • Jock Rutherford
  • Joe Woodill
  • Joel Selanikio
  • John Crary
  • Jon Lebkowsky
  • Jonathan Shemesh
  • Jonathon Hayward
  • Jori Sackin
  • Jort Statema
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Juan C Gutierrez
  • Juan Manuel Pereira
  • Julia Karmo
  • Justin Lorenzon
  • Kacey Ofsevit
  • Karen Ashworth
  • Karthik Aghoram
  • Katherine Absher
  • Kent Fenwick
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Kevin Owens
  • Kevin Zettler
  • Kurt Thielen
  • Lea Artis
  • Lesar Junior
  • Linus Blomqvist
  • Madhusudhan Srinivasa
  • Makis Spyratos
  • Marc Andreessen
  • Marek Zareba
  • Markus Vieweg
  • Martin Giles
  • Martin Schlumpf
  • Matija Dukiġ
  • Matt Parker
  • Matthew Nielsen
  • Matthias Höck
  • Max Eusterbrock
  • Maximilian Beier
  • Meric Bissell
  • Mic Milic Frederickx
  • Michael Layhe
  • Michele Simmons
  • Mike Hogan
  • Natassia Costa
  • Naveed Massjouni
  • Nick Kaw
  • Niels Paarup-Petersen
  • Nishan Sivathasan
  • Olivier Buffon
  • Benjamin Parmentier
  • Paul Graham
  • Paul Lerg
  • Paul Schaffer
  • Pawel Krawczyk
  • Peter Blake
  • Pieter Laeremans
  • Radu Murzea
  • Ramez Naam
  • Ramkumar KB
  • Reem Ateyeh
  • Richard Scobey
  • Rob Alexander
  • Rob Voorwinden
  • Roger Wehling
  • Ryn Miake-Lye
  • Salar al Khafaji
  • Sarah Stockdale
  • Scott Berkun
  • Seamus Smyth
  • Shahal Yaseen
  • Shailesh Kandage
  • Sherin Kurian
  • Stanislas Marion
  • Stefan Unfricht
  • Steffi Birk
  • Stephen Senn
  • Steven Johnson
  • Steven Pinker
  • Steven Sinofsky
  • Sumit Mishra
  • Syed Nawaz Ali
  • Teddy Valente
  • Tilt College Team
  • Tim Montgomerie
  • Tim Wilder
  • Tom Harpel
  • Tyler Willis
  • Vijay Rangarajan
  • Volker Radke
  • Will Francis
  • Will Zeng
  • Xitij Aranke

Some supporters listed here donated via the crowdfunding campaign to “help save OurWorldInData.org” on the crowdfunding platform Tilt.com in 2015. All who donated through Tilt are publicly listed on the page of Tilt. Other supporters who donated directly to our project preferred to remain anonymous.