• Max Roser

    – Founder and Program Director

    Max is an economist at the University of Oxford and the founder of Our World in Data. He began the project in 2011 and for several years was the sole author, until receiving funding for the formation of a team. Max’s research focuses on poverty, health, and the distribution of incomes. He has a background in economics, geoscience, and philosophy.


Research Team

  • Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

    – Senior Researcher

    Esteban joined our team in 2016. He is working on economic development, the public sector, education, and a wide range of related topics. Esteban completed his DPhil in Economics at the University of Oxford.

    esteban@ourworldindata.org / @eortizospina
  • Hannah Ritchie

    – Researcher

    Hannah joined us in 2017 as a researcher. She focuses on the long-term development of food supply, agriculture, energy, and environment, and their compatibility with global development. Hannah completed her PhD in GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh.

    hannah@ourworldindata.org / @_HannahRitchie
  • Joe Hasell

    – Research Project Manager

    Joe joined us in 2017 and is managing large research projects that require the composition of new datasets on long-term change. He researched the long-term history of famines and is currently researching the history of war.

  • Diana Beltekian

    – Research Assistant (part-time)

    Diana joined us in 2017 and as a research assistant she is researching on the long-term history of a large number of aspects including trade, education, and technological change.

    diana@ourworldindata.org / @diana_beltekian
  • Anstey Brock

    – Research Assistant (part-time)

    Anstey joined us as a research assistant in December 2018. She has a graduate degree in International Development and Conflict, as well as past experience as a survey researcher. She is working with us on an extensive database on the history of war.

Web Development

  • Daniel Gavrilov

    – Developer

    Daniel joined us in 2018 and is helping develop the OWID-Grapher and maintain the website as well as the automated fetchers that keep our datasets up to date.

  • Matthieu Bergel

    – Web Engineer

    Matthieu joined our team in the summer of 2019 with the overall mission of creating an intuitive architecture for readers to navigate the site and find the relevant data and research. He is currently designing and building new authoring tools to support Our World in Data’s evolving publication model.


  • Sonya Bhatt

    – Administrative and Finance Officer (part-time)

    Sonya joined the team in 2018 and is supporting our work on the administrative and financial side.


Former team members

A list of our former team members and contributors can be found here.