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Our Team

  • Max Roser

    Founder and Director

    Max is the founder and director of Our World in Data. He began the project in 2011 and for several years was the sole author, until receiving funding for the formation of a team. Max’s research focuses on poverty, global health, and the distribution of incomes. He is also Programme Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development at the University of Oxford, and Co-executive Director of Global Change Data Lab, the non-profit organization that publishes and maintains the website and the data tools that make our work possible.


Lead Authors

  • Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

    Senior Researcher and Head of Operations

    Esteban joined us in 2016. He is Senior Researcher and Content Lead at Our World In Data, as well as executive co-director of Global Change Data Lab, the non-profit organization that publishes and maintains the website and the data tools that make our work possible. Esteban does research on economic development, the public sector, education, and a wide range of related topics. Esteban completed his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford (DPhil Economics). / @eortizospina
  • Hannah Ritchie

    Senior Researcher and Head of Research

    Hannah joined us in 2017. She is Senior Researcher and Head of Research at Our World In Data. She focuses on the long-term development of food supply, agriculture, energy, and environment, and their compatibility with global development. Hannah completed her PhD in GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. / @_HannahRitchie
  • Joe Hasell

    Research Project Manager

    Joe joined us in 2017. He is leading large research projects that require the composition of new datasets. He researched the long-term history of famines and is currently researching the history of war. / @JoeHasell
  • Charlie Giattino


    Charlie joined us in 2020. His work touches on a number of topics, including health, technology, and more. Charlie completed his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University. / @charliegiattino
  • Saloni Dattani

    Researcher (Part-time)

    Saloni Dattani joined us as a researcher in 2021. She has a graduate degree in psychiatric genetics and is working towards a PhD at the University of Hong Kong and King’s College London. She is working with us as a researcher on health-related topics including mental health. / @salonium

Data Management

  • Edouard Mathieu

    Head of Data

    Edouard joined us in 2020 as our Head of Data, working on the whole chain of collection, transformation, documentation and dissemination of our data. He previously worked as a data scientist at the University of Oxford, at the departments of Population Health and Primary Care Health Sciences. He holds a master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris.

    edouard [at] / @redouad
  • Lucas Rodés-Guirao

    Senior Data Analyst

    Lucas joined us in 2021. He previously worked as a Deep Learning Researcher at the National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo, Japan) and as a Data Scientist for the private sector. He studied a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at UPC (Barcelona, Spain) and KTH (Stockholm, Sweden). / @lucasrodesg
  • Fiona Spooner

    Senior Data Analyst

    Fiona joined us in 2021. She was previously a Turing postdoctoral fellow at the University of Exeter working on tracking the Sustainable Development Goals and modelling the Covid-19 pandemic. She has a PhD in Ecology and Environment from UCL (London, UK) and an MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College (London, UK). / @f_spooner
  • Bobbie MacDonald

    Senior Data Analyst (Part-time)

    Bobbie joined us in 2020 to contribute to our data management team. He has a PhD in political science from Stanford University and an MSc in international development from the London School of Economics. / @bnjmacdonald
  • Cameron Appel

    Data Analyst (Part-time)

    Cameron joined us in 2019 as a research assistant and is currently supporting our data management team. He has a BA in economics from Columbia University. / @appel_cam

Web Development

  • Ernst van Woerden

    Head of Product Design

    Ernst joined us in 2020. He is a designer at the intersection of data and storytelling. Over the past 11 years, he has explained complex startup technology using explainer animations, designed interfaces to help diabetes patients make sense of their health data, worked on the storyline of product launch keynotes at Xiaomi, and tried to give job seekers insight into their salary. / @erniedesigns
  • Lars Yencken

    Technical team lead

    Lars joined us in 2021 as our Technical Team Lead, helping us to evolve our engineering and data visualisation practices. He previously led tech and data teams in consumer health at Grace Health and Lifesum in Stockholm, and holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. / @larsyencken
  • Daniel Gavrilov

    Software engineer

    Daniel joined us in 2018 and is helping develop the OWID-Grapher and maintain the website as well as the automated fetchers that keep our datasets up to date.
  • Matthieu Bergel

    Software engineer

    Matthieu joined in 2019 with the overall mission of providing readers with a seamless experience throughout the publication, while creating intuitive pathways between data and research. He is putting his previous consulting experiences with communication agencies in Paris to good use by building the next iteration of our content management system.
  • Marcel Gerber

    Software Engineer

    Marcel joined us in 2020. Alongside his computer science studies, he is helping us build and improve our data visualization tools and the website as a whole. / @MarcelGerber9


  • Jason Crawford

    Software team lead – part-time advisor

    Jason Crawford is the former CEO and co-founder of Fieldbook, and has been an engineering manager at companies including Amazon and Flexport. He is the author of The Roots of Progress, where he writes about the history of technology and industry. / @jasoncrawford

Part-time support

  • Diana Beltekian

    Research Assistant (part-time)

    Diana joined us in 2017 and as a research assistant she is researching on the long-term history of a large number of aspects including trade, education, and technological change. / @diana_beltekian

Former team members

A list of our former team members and contributors can be found here.