GDP Growth Over the Last Centuries

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# Empirical View

# GDP Growth since 1500

# World maps of GDP per capita (in 1990 international Geary-Khamis dollars), 1500-2010 – Max Roser1

# Long-term real growth of GDP in the US, 1871-2009 – Visualizing Economics2

Long-Term Real Growth of GDP in the US (1871-2009) – Visualizing Economics


# Real GDP per capita around the world (PPP adjusted), since 1000 – Max Roser3

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# Real GDP per capita around the world (PPP adjusted), since 1600 – Max Roser4

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# GDP Growth since 1950

# World maps of prosperity: real GDP per capita according to the Penn World Tables, 1950-2011 – Max Roser5

Instead of using the Penn World Table (PW) Johnson et al. (2013)6 recommend using World Development Indicators if you’re interested in economic growth – the PPP adjustments in the PWT are necessary for cross-country comparisons in GDP levels.

# World maps of real annual GDP growth – Max Roser7

# GDP per Hour Worked

# GDP per hour worked in selected countries (in 1990 Geary-Khamis International Dollars), 1950-2012 – Max Roser8

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# Data Sources

On Our World in Data there is a page dedicated to a list of sources of GDP data.