Treatment of Minorities

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# Empirical View

# Decline of lynchings in the US

There is much less long-term data on the treatment of minorities than one would hope for. Records however do exist for the most extreme forms of violence such as lynchings.

The first institution to record lynchings in the USA was the Tuskegee Institute, which is now Tuskegee University. Their data is shown here (for other statistics on lynchings see Wikipedia).

# Lynchings in the United States, 1882-19691

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The data was also mapped by the Tuskegee Institute, and this US map of lynchings by states and counties in the United States from 1900 to 1931 is described by Slate Magazine here.

# Treatment of Other Races in the USA Post-1950

# Segregationist attitudes in the United States, 1942-1997 – Pinker (2011)2

Segregationist attitudes in the United States, 1942–1997 - Pinker0

# Interracial Marriages

Anti-miscegenation laws prohibited interracial marriages in a number of countries around the world; an overview is given here.

# US map of dates of repeal of anti-miscegenation laws by state – Wikipedia3

US Map of Dates of Repeal of US Anti-Miscegenation Laws by State - Wikipedia0

# Number of Interracial Marriages

# Share married to someone of a different race/ethnicity in the USA, 1980-2008 – Pew Research4

Share married to someone from a different race:ethnicity (1980-2008) - Pew0

# Opinions on Interracial Marriage

‘Do you approve or disapprove of marriage between blacks and whites?’ Share approving black-white marriage among whites and blacks in the USA, 1958-2013 – Gallup (2013)5

Do you approve or disapprove of marriage between blacks and whites? (1958-2013) - Gallup (2013)0

Opposition to laws in the USA banning marriages between blacks and whites by year and year of birth, 1964-2000 – Fischer and Hout (2008)6

Opposition to Laws Banning Marriages Between Blacks and Whites, by Year and Year of Birth,USA (1964-2000) - Fischer and Hout (2008)0

# Race and Politics

Percent of Americans who would vote for a ‘qualified Negro’ / ‘black for President’, 1950s-2010 – GSS & Gallup Data7

Percent of Americans who Would vote for a 'qualified Negro' : 'Black for President' (1950s-2010) - GSS & Gallup Data

# Racism outside the USA

Discriminatory and affirmative action policies, 1950-2003 – Marshall and Gurr (2005)8

Trends in Political Discrimination, 1950-2003 - Marshall and Gurr (2005)

Students’ attitudes towards equal rights for ethnic minorities by level of civic knowledge, 2009 – OECD (2012)9

Students’ attitudes towards equal rights for ethnic minorities (2009), by level of civic knowledge - OECD (2012)0

# Data Sources

The Minorities at Risk project tracks 283 politically active ethnic groups throughout the world from 1945 to the present. The website is here.