How to apply if you want to become a researcher and writer at Our World in Data

Job opportunity

At Our World in Data we are looking for researchers who are interested in working with us. You will be able to lead your own independent project on the aspects that you care about and you will publish it here on our website.

Our website is a great platform to share your ideas: We currently have one million visitors every month. You can read more about our reach here.

We are open to considering candidates with any background, and we are flexible regarding time availability.

We do not have an internship program, but we are always happy to consider candidates interested in joining us for fixed-term research projects (minimum commitment of 3 months).

The skills we are looking for

Our goal is to accurately describe the state of the world in a straightforward way and to explain how the world is changing and why. The topics that we intend to cover are here. You need to know the empirical data, you need to be able to work and write about data, and you need a solid understanding about the academic research on the topic(s) you care about.

Writing about global development with reference to empirical evidence is the core skill that we are looking for. This sounds easy, but the truth is that it is really not; there are very few people out there who do it. Our audience includes both experts and non-experts, and our work is used across all education levels, from primary schools to graduate courses in Harvard. This means we need to write in straightforward language that is understandable by everyone, while providing depth and an accurate perspective on the current scientific views on each topic.

We are looking for a very specific profile that combines three core skills: solid knowledge about state-of-the-art research methods, ability to write for a non-expert audience, and proven passion for a broad range of general-interest topics related to global development.

We get many applications and we want to be clear that the selection process is tough. But we also don’t want to discourage you from applying! It’s not an easy job, but it is a very rewarding one. Everyone in our team greatly enjoys the work and atmosphere very much. We are very fortunate to be able to work for a large and enthusiastic audience. Here is a recent testimonial that Hannah Ritchie wrote for an earlier job opening.

How to apply

If you are knowledgable about global development and you have the right skills, send us your CV, a sample of your written work, and your ideas about what you would like to work on, to There is no deadline – we periodically fill new positions, so we are always happy to receive applications.

The sample of written work should be shorter than 1,000 words, and it should give us a clear idea of your ability to write about important and complex academic research on global development, for a general non-expert audience. You can submit something that has, or has not been published; and you can submit something you have already written for another purpose (e.g. university coursework). The only condition is that you are the author.

We are also interested in your skills to communicate data through charts. If you submit a sample of written work that includes a data visualization, that’s great. But this is not a formal requirement at this stage.

We look forward to hearing from you!