Open, rolling applications for any role

We’re always keen to hear from people passionate about our mission who want to help achieve it.

No matter what your skills are, if you believe you can support our work, let us know how.

→ Get in touch by emailing with the subject line “Open application”; include your CV or resume and a one-page proposal (all in PDF format, please) outlining:

  • What you would like to work on (the more specific, the better)
  • Why you think this work is important for us at OWID
  • Why you think you are the right person to work on this

We also highly encourage you to include a sample of your work. For instance, an article you’ve written, data you’ve visualized, a website you’ve designed, or a software tool you’ve built. We realize this won’t make sense for every role, but for many it can be a powerful way to demonstrate the kind of work you could do for us.

Please note that we do not currently offer any part-time, internship, or similar opportunities.

It might be useful to have a look at our Team page to get an idea of the profiles and roles of the people who currently work with us—but keep in mind that you don’t need any specific credentials to apply (e.g., you don’t need a PhD). We look forward to hearing from you!