Former Team Members and Contributors

Former team members

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Jason Crawford

Software Team Lead (Part-time Advisor)

Jason Crawford is the former CEO and co-founder of Fieldbook and has been an engineering manager at companies including Amazon and Flexport. He is the author of The Roots of Progress, where he writes about the history of technology and industry.


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Dr. Christian Swinehart

Data Visualization Lead

Christian joined us in 2023 to advance our data visualizations. His dual passions for designing elegant visualizations and developing empowering tools have brought him to design for Pentagram, develop interactives for Bloomberg and The New York Times, as well as author several open source visualization libraries. Christian holds an MFA in graphic design from RISD and a Ph.D. in computational neuroscience from Brandeis.


Natasha Ahuja

Executive Assistant to Dr. Max Roser

Natasha worked with us from 2022–2024 as Max Roser’s first executive assistant. Natasha holds an MPP with a focus on international development from Georgetown University.


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Dr. Matthew Conlen

Head of Product and Design

Matthew worked with us from 2022–2023 to help with data visualization and digital publishing efforts. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Washington and has worked on data journalism efforts at various publications including the New York Times, CNN, and FiveThirtyEight.

@mathisonian /


Dr. Mallika Snyder

Researcher (Part-time)

Mallika worked with us from 2022–2023 as a researcher focusing on demography and public health-related topics. She holds an MA degree in Statistics and a PhD in Demography from UC Berkeley.

@mallika_snyder /

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Daniel Gavrilov

Software Engineer

Daniel worked as a software engineer for OWID from 2018-2022. He helped develop the OWID-Grapher and maintained the website as well as the automated fetchers that keep our datasets up to date.

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Julia Broden

Data Analyst

Julia worked with us as a data analyst in 2022. She helped us with our page on Artificial Intelligence. 


Jaiden Mispy

Web Developer

Jaiden developed the website between 2016 and 2019, taking the data visualization prototype built by Zdenek and turning it into a production system.


Cameron appel

Cameron Appel

Data Analyst

Cameron worked with us from 2019-2022 as a research assistant and a data analyst. He has a BA in economics from Columbia University.


Aibek aldabergenov

Aibek Aldabergenov

Web Developer

Aibek worked on the database that stores our global development data. Among other projects he developed tools that automatically fetch global development data to keep our publication up to date.

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Shahid Ahmad

Software Engineer

Shahid worked with us in 2020. He helped us build our data visualization and exploration tools. He previously led product development at Jasmine, a conversational AI startup.

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Anstey Brock

Research Assistant

Anstey joined us as a research assistant in December 2018. She has a graduate degree in International Development and Conflict, as well as past experience as a survey researcher. She worked with us on an extensive database on the history of war.

Lindsay lee

Lindsay Lee

Research Assistant

Lindsay worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. She helped expand content across the site, especially in health and demographics. Lindsay completed her Master of Public Policy and MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Mohamed nagdy

Mohamed Nagdy

Research Assistant

Mohamed worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. He helped expand content on the growth and distribution of incomes, economic development, violence, and education. Mohamed graduated from the University of Oxford with a MPhil in Economics.

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Sandra Tzvetkova

Researcher and editor

Sandra contributed research on gender aspects of development, edited the content of our publication, and managed our social media accounts.



Ruby Mittal

Research Assistant

Ruby worked with us as a part-time research assistant and supported our research on the long-term history of global development.

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Sophie Ochmann

Research Assistant

Sophie worked with us in 2017 and 2018 and was researching topics in global health, including the history of polio and smallpox.



Marco Molteni

Research Assistant

Marco worked with us as a research assistant in 2017. He is an economic historian and worked with us on the long-term evolution of public spending, health spending, and economic development.

Zdenek hynek

Zdenek Hynek

Web Developer

Zdenek was the first web developer in our team and built the initial prototype of OWID-Grapher in 2015.


Julia Murphy

Research Assistant

Julia worked with us as a research assistant in the summer of 2015 and helped to expand the entry about the internet.

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Diana Beltekian

Research Assistant

Diana joined us a research assistant in 2017 with a focus on the long-term history of a large number of aspects including trade, education and technological change.


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Ernst-Jan van Woerden

Head of Product Design

Ernst joined the team as Head of Product Design in 2020. He is a designer at the intersection of data and storytelling and focused on product planning, strategy, maintenance and performance.

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Sonya Bhatt

Administrative and Finance Officer

Sonya joined the team in 2018 and supported our work on the administrative and financial side.

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Breck Yunits

Software Engineer

Breck joined in 2020 as a Senior Software Engineer and helped us to extend and maintain the Grapher and database.


Brian nolan

Brian Nolan

Professor Brian Nolan from the University of Oxford collaborated with us on the entry of incomes across the income distribution.

Stefan thewissen

Stefan Thewissen

Stefan Thewissen from the University of Oxford collaborated with us on the entry of incomes across the income distribution. / @ThewissenS

Samantha vanderslott

Samantha Vanderslott

Samantha Vanderslott from the Oxford Vaccine Group and the Oxford Martin School collaborated with us on vaccinations.

Samantha Vanderslott / @sjvanders

Nicolas lippolis

Nicolas Lippolis

Nicolas Lippolis from the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford collaborated with us on the structural transformation of economies.

Hannah behrens

Hannah Behrens

Hannah Behrens from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford studies infectious diseases and antibiotics. She collaborated with us in researching and writing on her field of expertise since 2017.