Former Team Members and Contributors

Former Team Members

  • Jaiden Mispy

    - Web Developer

    Jaiden developed the website between 2016 and 2019, taking the data visualization prototype built by Zdenek and turning it into a production system. / @m1sp
  • Aibek Aldabergenov

    - Web Developer

    Aibek worked on the database that stores our global development data. Among other projects he developed tools that automatically fetch global development data to keep our publication up to date.

  • Lindsay Lee

    - Research Assistant

    Lindsay worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. She helped expand content across the site, especially in health and demographics. Lindsay completed her Master of Public Policy and MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.
  • Mohamed Nagdy

    - Research Assistant

    Mohamed worked with us as a research assistant in 2015. He helped expand content on the growth and distribution of incomes, economic development, violence, and education. Mohamed graduated from the University of Oxford with a MPhil in Economics.

  • Sandra Tzvetkova

    - Researcher and editor

    Sandra contributed research on gender aspects of development, edited the content of our publication, and managed our social media accounts.

  • Ruby Mittal

    - Research Assistant

    Ruby worked with us as a part-time research assistant and supported our research on the long-term history of global development.

  • Marco Molteni

    - Research Assistant

    Marco worked with us as a research assistant in 2017. He is an economic historian and worked with us on the long-term evolution of public spending, health spending, and economic development.

  • Zdenek Hynek

    - Web Developer

    Zdenek was the first web developer in our team and built the initial prototype of OWID-Grapher in 2015.
  • Julia Murphy

    - Research Assistant

    Julia worked with us as a research assistant in the summer of 2015 and helped to expand the entry about the internet.

  • Nicolas Lippolis

    Nicolas Lippolis from the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford collaborated with us on the structural transformation of economies.