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Introducing our new and improved ‘Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Tracker’

In February we released a project Our World in Data had been working on:, the first (and only, to date) resource where you can track our progress towards the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since then we have been working on an updated version of our tracker to provide a clearer way to track global, regional and national progress across the 17 Goals, 169 Targets, and 232 Indicators of the SDGs. This update is now live in the tracker.

These updates should hopefully now provide a clear understanding of the particular UN Targets, Indicators and the respective data used to track our progress on them. You will also notice that gaps in data availability remain: where there is no known data for a given indicator, we mark this clearly and invite users to notify us if there is data for these indicators that we may have missed. Hopefully this open approach will allow us to support the UN in developing the most comprehensive coverage of how we’re doing in our progress to 2030.

In the matrix chart here we provide an overview of the data availability for all SDG Indicators (where green indicates good, recent global data availability; amber indicates some, but outdated or very incomplete data is available; and red indicates we are not aware of any data for these Indicators). We will keep this matrix up-to-date over time as more data becomes available.

Sdg data matrix 01