Land Cover

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# Emprical View

# Land Cover of the World Today

# World map of the Earth’s vegetation – NOAA1
World Map of the Earths vegetation – NOAA

The same source – NOAA/NASA – visualized the vegetation data in a high resolution video of the vegetation on earth. It is online here.

# World land area by category in million hectares, 2005/2007 – FAO (2012)2

# Change over Time

# Estimated changes in land use, 1700-1995 – Lambin et al. (2001)3
Estimated changes in land use from 1700 to 1995 – Lambin et al. (2001)0

NASA published an animation of the planet’s changing land cover between 2000 and 2013 here.

# Greening of Sahel, 1982-1999 – Wikipedia4

Greening Sahel 1982-1999 – Wikipedia0

# Data Quality & Definition

# Animation of the changing land cover of the Earth – monthly global images from NASA Earth Observatory, 2004 – Wikipedia [NASA]5