Data InsightsFamily is very important to people around the world
June 19, 2024Bastian Herre

Family is very important to people around the world

Stacked bar chart showing for selected countries around the world how important family is to people in life. A small percentage finds family not very important or not important at all, almost everyone finds family rather important, and more than 80% of people across countries find family very important.

Most people agree that family is very important, no matter where they live.

Using data from the European Values Study and World Values Survey, the chart shows that a large majority of people worldwide declare family to be important in their lives. This share is above 80% in every country except six.

Only a small percentage of people say they find family “not very important” or “not important at all”.

Despite our disagreements, we should remember how much people across countries and cultures agree on what truly matters to them.

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