We teamed up with Kurzgesagt to make a video about the COVID-19 pandemic

We worked with the Youtube channel, Kurzgesagt, to make a video on the COVID-19 pandemic and what to do about it.

In the past years, we have teamed up several times with the YouTube channel 'Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell' to make videos on the global questions we are focusing on in our work here. (For example this one here.)

This time we worked with the Kurzgesagt team to produce a video on the COVID-19 pandemic. As you see we've embedded it on this page and on Youtube you find it here.

Usually it takes many months to make a video – the script goes through many revisions and then the Kurzgesagt team turns it into their famous, beautiful animations.

This video now was produced incredibly fast. Virologists and epidemiologists were very responsive and fast in their feedback so that we could ensure that the science is correct and the Kurzgesagt team then worked day and night to produce the video.

It was published 3.5 days ago and already has now more than 13 million views. We hope providing information in this form helps spread helpful information on how to address the latest coronavirus outbreak. And we hope you enjoy the video!

Our work on the coronavirus pandemic – updated daily – is here.

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