Data InsightsNearly one in five cars sold in 2023 was electric
April 24, 2024Hannah Ritchie

Nearly one in five cars sold in 2023 was electric

Bar chart showing the share of new cars sold in 2023 that were electric. Globally, this share was 18%.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) just published its latest annual Global EV Outlook. It provides its final estimates for sales of electric vehicles worldwide in 2023.

The IEA estimates that almost one in five (18%) cars sold in 2023 were electric — double the share from just two years earlier.

There are significant differences in adoption worldwide. This chart shows new sales shares by country. In Norway, more than 90% of new cars were electric. In China, it was almost 40%; in the European Union, 22%; and in the United States, just 10%.

These figures include fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. You can find this data broken down by vehicle type in this chart.

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