Data InsightsGlobal population growth peaked six decades ago
May 16, 2024Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

Global population growth peaked six decades ago

A chart displays the global population growth rate from 1950 to 2100, highlighting a peak in the 1960s and a projected decline into negative growth by the end of the century. The data is based on UN projections with a medium-fertility scenario.

The increase in the world’s population is not exponential. The global population is growing, but the growth rate has declined since its peak six decades ago.

The chart shows the annual rate of global population growth according to historical estimates and projections from the UN World Population Prospects.

The growth rate peaked in 1963 at over 2% per year, and since then, it has more than halved, falling to less than 1% by 2020.

The UN demographers expect rates to continue falling until the end of the century, eventually leading to negative growth rates and a shrinking global population.

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