The Our World in Data COVID Vaccination dataset has been published in the academic journal, Nature

At Our World in Data we have been tracking the global rollout of COVID vaccinations since December 2020. It has become the go-to source for international organizations (such as the World Health Organization), policymakers, and journalists (such as the New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, and the BBC). Our dataset is cited thousands of times every week in publications around the world.

Our COVID vaccination dataset brings together global data from official sources. It includes many relevant metrics such as doses administered, daily vaccinations, the breakdown of first and second doses, and population-adjusted metrics.

Our COVID vaccination dataset is published in Nature Human Behaviour

We submitted our vaccination dataset and the accompanying academic paper to the peer-reviewed journal Nature Human Behaviour. It was just published there.

Please cite the dataset as: Edouard Mathieu, Hannah Ritchie, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Max Roser, Joe Hasell, Cameron Appel, Charlie Giattino and Lucas Rodés-Guirao (2021) – A global database of COVID-19 vaccinations. In Nature Human Behaviour.

The paper describes the dataset and how it is compiled in detail. You can find the manuscript here at the website of Nature:

The latest global data on COVID vaccination can be found on Our World in Data

We update this dataset every day. Our latest vaccination data is always available at at our page on Coronavirus Vaccinations. And you can also find it, along with all our coronavirus data, in our complete COVID-19 dataset on GitHub.

As with all of our work, this data is open-access, free and available for everyone to use.