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Our World In Data would not be possible to publish without the support from readers. The financial support is used to pay the web developer and the researcher working on this free publication.

Support for OurWorldInData is coming from readers who want OurWorldInData to continue and to grow. Thank you all very much!

For all non-Americans: If you want to support OurWorldInData you can donate directly via the University of Oxford here.

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For all Americans: If you are from the US and you want to support it is possible to donate via Americans for Oxford in 2 steps:

Americans for Oxford is the University of Oxford's primary charitable organization in North America and has been determined a tax-exempt public charity by the US Internal Revenue Service.

1) To donate start by visiting the giving page of Americans for Oxford (Here is the link that gets you directly to the giving page.).

From the giving page you can access a donation form – accessible via the ‘Donate online here’ link.

2) On this giving form there is a drop-down menu from which to select what the donation is for, and on this menu you find the new option ‘Our World in Data at the Oxford Martin School’.

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