We won the Lovie Award!

Our World in Data is a winner of this year’s Lovie Awards. The Lovie Award is the European internet award and just like its American counterpart, the Webby Awards, it is awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Their description of why they award the prize to us captures really well why we are doing this work:

Our World in Data will receive the 2019 Lovie Be Greater with Data Award in recognition of their outstanding use of data and the internet to supply the general public with understandable data-driven research – the kind necessary to invoke social, economic, and environmental change.

As an antidote to the cynicism that much of the population feels in today’s world–from the war on climate change to poverty and disease – Our World in Data focuses on long-lasting solutions to these issues, with data as its backbone.

The birds-eye view that Our World in Data provides gives people everywhere access to digestible, useful information – shared through beautiful data visualisations alongside great storytelling and clear reporting – and delivers the kind of much-needed evidence that our world is actually changing for the better.

Here is the description of all winners of the 2019 Lovie Awards.

A huge honor to all of us! Thank you for your support to make this work possible.