We’ve just updated our Sustainable Development Goals Tracker

In 2015 the world’s countries agreed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a set of 17 Goals; 169 Targets; and 232 Indicators to be achieved by 2030.

In 2018 we launched our Sustainable Development Goal Tracker (SDG-Tracker) – our free, open-access publication which allows people across the world to track how countries are making progress towards all 17 Goals.

The SDG-Tracker pulls together all available data for each of the 232 agreed indicators. This data is typically updated annually, with international organizations continuing to add data for indicators as it becomes available.

We’ve just updated the SDG-Tracker with all of the latest data for all available indicators. Explore how your country is performing, and feel free to use these resources in any way you find useful.

Sdg tracker update