Data InsightsPeople’s self-reported life satisfaction varies widely across countries
June 25, 2024Tuna Acisu

People’s self-reported life satisfaction varies widely across countries

A world map indicating self-reported life satisfaction for each country. Darker shades of green show higher life satisfaction in, e.g., Europe, Australia, North America, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. Lighter shades show lower life satisfaction in, e.g., Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and many African countries.

How satisfied are people with their lives? Answering this question can give us important insights into what matters to people and the circumstances that lead to a fulfilled life.

The World Happiness Report has published data on life satisfaction — based on the Gallup World Poll — since 2012 and covers more than 140 countries worldwide. We have just updated our charts with the latest data.

It measures life satisfaction by asking people to rate their lives on a ladder from 0 to 10, where their worst possible life is 0 and their best possible life is 10.

The resulting score is averaged over the last three years to focus on longer-term shifts.

Despite drastic experiences like the COVID-19 pandemic, overall life satisfaction remains remarkably consistent globally. We can also observe correlations with other measures of well-being: healthier and richer countries tend to have higher average life satisfaction scores.

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