What should Our World In Data look like?

In our team, we are currently trying to find a new design and structure for Our World in Data that makes our work more useful to readers. Some entries are getting very long (e.g. financing of healthcare or global education) and we think it should be possible to find a format that works better for the reader.

Usually, we discuss things like this internally but in this case, I thought I would share our challenge here. We don't have a designer on our team and I'm hoping that there is a small chance that someone who reads this might understand how to find a good format and can give us some hints.


What do the designers out there think about the look of Our World In Data? What needs to be changed? Fonts? Logos? Colors?


Each of our entries is dedicated to a specific aspect of global living conditions – poverty, child mortality, etc. They have a standardized format and are structured into 4 sections. What we are looking for is a format that works for all entries and makes sense for our content and 4-section structure.

The new structure should make it easier for the reader to read the text and the visuals. Especially for those readers who are not reading the entire entry (the majority of readers), it should be as easy as possible to find the bit of the entry that they are interested in.

Our current idea is that the "Empirical View" (section 1) section stays as it is. The following "Correlates, determinants and consequences" section we want to change in our current draft. The section should not be shown by default and instead we want to use a mix of (1) accordions that open sections within the document and (2) links to shorter pages that open in a new tab and that have the format of our blog posts.

The first reason for the new structure of the correlates section is to make the entries shorter. The second reason is that linking to outside documents makes sense for our website since a text on the link between AIDS and poverty for example can then be linked to from both the entry on AIDS and the entry on poverty.

I have made an Adobe Illustrator file of an entire entry for our internal discussion, but if you are interested in giving us feedback you can download it here:

the Illustrator file with my current thoughts on how to do the redesign.

– for reference: the Illustrator file of an entire entry as an entry currently looks on our website.

The example that I used is the revision draft of our entry on extreme poverty. A text with visuals that we worked on for the last months and that we will publish soon.

If you have an idea of how we should redesign our entries please let me know via

Many thanks! Max