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It would not be possible to publish Our World In Data without the support from readers.

It is possible to donate directly via the University of Oxford and via Oxford’s tax-exempt public charity Americans for Oxford. Here is how.

We are very grateful for this vital support of our work and would like to thank all readers who make our work possible!

# Support for Our World In Data comes from:

– Readers: In the recent months and weeks we have received donations from readers via the channels in the link above. We would very much like to acknowledge these donations here and we will be in touch with our supporters on this.

– 139 of you who donated to the crowdfunding campaign on Tilt: In November 2015 James Beshara started a one week crowdfunding campaign to “help save” on the crowdfunding platform At the time we did not have enough financial means to continue our work and we were extremely grateful for his initiative.
We were delighted that so many more people than expected gave their financial support. After one week 139 people joined the campaign and together supported Our World In Data with $26,086. All 139 individual donors are listed at the crowdfunding campaign:


Thank you very much! Your support makes this free publication on global development possible.