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It would not be possible to publish Our World In Data without the support from our readers.

We would very much like to thank all our supporters who donated to support our work:

· Mr Kurt Thielen
· Mr Andrew Hill
· Mr Christopher Albertyn
· Dr Matthew Nielsen
· Professor Joshua Cohen
· Mr Aubrey Ayash
· Professor Steven Pinker
· Mr Billy Griffin
· Professor Dirk Fröhling
· Mr Teddy Valente
· Mr Mic Milic Frederickx
· Mr Juan Manuel Pereira
· Mr Jonathon Hayward
· Mr Tim Wilder
· Dr Ryn Miake-Lye
· Mr Maximilian Beier
· Mr Flori Pihs
· Professor Frank Shann
· Ms Erica Solomon
· Mr Paul Lerg
· Mr Jason Crawford
· Dr David Graham
· Mr Richard Scobey
· Mr Pawel Krawczyk
· Mr Volker Radke
· Mr David Freedman
· Mr Roger Wehling
· Mr Linus Blomqvist
· Mr John Crary
· Mr Max Eusterbrock

(some supporters preferred to remain anonymous.)

In addition we would like to thank the 139 supporters who donated to the crowdfunding campaign on Tilt: In November 2015 James Beshara started a one week crowdfunding campaign to “help save” on the crowdfunding platform At the time we did not have enough financial means to continue our work and we were extremely grateful for his initiative.
We were delighted that so many more people than expected gave their financial support. After one week 139 people joined the campaign and together supported Our World In Data with $26,086. All 139 individual donors are listed at the crowdfunding campaign:

We are very grateful for this vital support of our work and would like to thank all readers who make our work possible!

We received support from 2015 to 2016 from the London-based Nuffield Foundation for which we were very grateful.

Your support makes this free publication on global development possible.

Kind regards,
Max Roser and the Our World in Data team