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New entries on Our World In Data during summer 2016

We have been a bit quiet on the blog, but that doesn’t mean that we did not keep working on Our World In Data.

We worked on a series of updates and added new entries to our web publication. Here are the links to 7 of our latest additions:

  • We have two completely new meta entries: One for health and for education. They both present the most important aspect on these topics and give a first overview so that you can then go and study and read about the particular aspects in more depth in the specific entries.
  • On the same topics we did quite a lot of work to present the empirical research on how these public goods are financed. You find these in the entry on financing health and on financing education.
  • We have also updated and added a series of specific entries: Three that I think are particularly interesting are the entries on trust, literacy, and international trade.