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Topics we are working on – and plans for the future

Our World in Data is always a work in progress. We will be working on this for many years.

We have a list of all current and future data-entries that shows which topics we will cover in this publication. There will be 275 entries.


Currently we are not adding more topics and instead focus on the content that is already in the publication. The priority for the next months is to revise and extend the following entries:

  • Extreme poverty
  • Literacy
  • Population growth
  • Child mortality
  • Happiness and life satisfaction
  • War
  • Democratisation
  • Technological Progress
  • Hunger & Undernourishment
  • Economic Growth over the Very Long Run
  • Income Inequality
  • Fertility
  • Financing of Education
  • Financing of Health
  • Government Revenue [and Composition of Tax Revenues]

The only completely new entries that we do want to add in the coming months are three entries on gender aspects of development. These three entries will focus on three different dimensions – economically, political, and empirical evidence on rights and violence.