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Coronavirus Testing – Source Data

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Our article on the Coronavirus Disease [COVID-19] presents daily global and national statistics on the number of cases and deaths from the outbreak.

To understand the statistics on cases, we would want to know how many people in the world are being tested for COVID-19 every day, and how the available tests are being allocated. Unfortunately there is no centralized WHO data on COVID-19 testing and most countries do not provide official reports on tests performed. This is different from official records on confirmed cases and deaths, which we report in our article here.

Some countries do provide aggregate estimates on the total number of tests performed up to a specific date, but these are published across individual websites, statistical reports and press releases – often in multiple languages and updated with different periodicity.

Given the large problems with data availability, we did a manual review of data across national reports, and included the most recent estimates that we could find as of 20 March 2020, 18:00 GMT

Country by country statistics and sources

The column “Cutoff date” corresponds to the date for which the “Total Tests” figure is calculated. The column “Source publication date” corresponds to the date when the figure was reported (e.g. date of press release).

Country or territoryTotal testsDateSourceSource DateRemarks
Armenia81318 Mar 2020Press release, Ministry of Health of The Republic of Armenia18 Mar 2020The exact statement of the press release is (Google translate) “To date, 813 studies have been performed, 84 of which have been positive and 1 has been cured”
Australia – Queensland2700019 Mar 2020Video of press conference shared by Queensland Health19 Mar 2020The spokesperson says: “The total number of cases [is] 144… We have performed 27,000 tests for this virus”
Australia – New South Wales39,08919 Mar 2020NSW Department of Health website20 Mar 2020, 20:00 local timeConfirmed cases (incl. interstate residents in NSW health care facilities): 307; Cases tested and excluded​: 38,782
Australia – Australian Capital Territory206220 Mar 2020ACT Department of Health website20 Mar 2020, 15:30 Australian EasternConfirmed cases: 6; People tested negative: 2056
Australia – Western Australia860319 Mar 2020Press release from WA Department of Health19 Mar 2020The press release states: “The Department of Health has reported 12 new cases of COVID-19 overnight, bringing the State’s total to 64… To date 8539 Western Australians have tested negative to COVID-19.”
Australia – Victoria1933719 Mar 2020Press release from Victoria Department of Health and Human Services19 Mar 2020The press release stats: “More than 19,337 Victorians have been tested to date.”
Australia – South Australia1671720 Mar 2020Press release from SA Health20 Mar 2020The press release states: “SA Pathology has undertaken more than 13,000 tests for COVID-19. As of yesterday, 3,717 people have been tested at dedicated metropolitan COVID-19 clinics.”

Australia – Tasmania80719 Mar 2020Statement by Dr Mark Veitch, Director of Public Health20 Mar 2020, 17:00 local timeThe statement states: “As of 5pm yesterday, 807 coronavirus tests had been completed.”
Australia11361520 Mar 2020See our calculations across Australian states20 Mar 2020Figures do not yet include Northern Territory. Some states report tests conducted, some report the number of people tested. We simply sum these across states.
Austria1561320 Mar 2020Ministry of Social Affairs Coronavirus info page20 Mar 2020, 15:00 local timeTests carried out to date: 15,613
Bahrain1864520 Mar 2020Ministry of Health, COVID-19 Latest Updates, Dashboard20 Mar 2020, 19:00 local timeThe number of examinations: 18645
Belarus1600016 Mar 2020Non-official media report16 Mar 2020, 12:41 local timeMedia report (in Google translate says “In total, from the beginning of February, specialists from the RPRC of Epidemiology and Microbiology conducted more than 16 thousand tests for COVID-19”. This specific comment is not clearly attributed to any official source.
Belgium1836018 Mar 2020News coverage of daily press conference from Belgian health authories.18 Mar 2020, 11:00 local timeThe write-up of the conference states: “Belgium has 1,486 confirmed cases of coronavirus… 18,360 tests have been carried out since the start of the epidemic”
Brazil292713 Mar 2020Media report in Folha de S.Paulo16 Mar 2020, 10:29 local timeMedia report – not attributed to any official source.
Canada – National lab54,95619 Mar 2020National Microbiology Laboratory testing results19 Mar 2020, 11:00 EDTThe NML tests seem to be used to confirm results found at the provincial level. So in terms of people tested, there is double counting here with the provincial figures. These figures are presented as if total tests were the sum of positive and negative tests. However the figures indicated in the source do not some to the total (628 positive plus 42,157 negative).
Canada – British Columbia632613 Mar 2020British Columbia CDC16 Mar 20206,326 individuals tested as of March 13, 2020 “103 confirmed cases” “Case counts are based on available information and are subject to change. “
Canada – Alberta1701319 Mar 2020Alberta government website19 Mar 2020Completed tests (as of March 19): Negative: 16,867; Positive: 146
Canada – Saskatchewan256119 Mar 2020Saskatchewan government website19 Mar 2020To date, 2,561 COVID-19 tests have been performed by RRPL
Canada – Ontario1951120 Mar 2020Ontario government webpage20 Mar 2020, 10:30 ETNegative: 13718; Currently under investigation: 5485; Confirmed positive: 301; Resolved: 5; Deceased: 2; Total number of patients approved for COVID-19 testing to date: 19511
Canada – Quebec1045119 Mar 2020Quebec government website19 Mar 2020, 13:00 local time121 confirmed cases; 1 death; 1 person healed; 3,997 people under investigation; 6,331 negative analyzes (cases reversed) (In a previous update the text had indicated that ‘cases reversed’ [cas infirmés] includes “reports that were rejected as they did not meet the definition of COVID-19”)
Canada – New Brunswick52020 Mar 2020New Brunswick government website20 Mar 2020, 11:00 local timeNumber of individuals: Negative test (509); Presumptive Case (4); Confirmed Case (7)
Canada – Northwest Territories22219 Mar 2020Northwest Territories government website19 Mar 2020, 13:00 local time222 tests performed – all negative
Canada – Nova Scotia156120 Mar 2020Nova Scotia government website20 Mar 2020Sum of “Confirmed Positive (5); Presumptive Positive (10); Negative (1546)
CanadaAn aggregate figure for Canada is not provided given that the extent to which double-counting between the provincial labs and the national lab (NML) is unclear. See province level data and that for NML above. No figures have yet been found for Nunavut, Manitoba, Yukon and Newfoundland and Labrador provinces (collectively ~5% of population).
China – Guangdong32000024 Feb 2020Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)24 Feb 2020This estimate is an approximation and is mentioned in page 9 of the report. No exact date for the testing period is provided.
Colombia410320 Mar 2020National Health Institue website20 Mar 2020, 08:00 local timeTotal tests equals confirmed cases: 145 (“Casos confirmados en Colombia”) and negative tests: 3958 (“Casos descartados en Colombia”).
Costa Rica103919 Mar 2020Social media post from the Ministry of Health19 Mar 2020The figure for tests numbers is obtained by 87 confirmed cases, plus 1 death, plus 951 negative tests (‘descartados’)
Croatia126419 Mar 2020Press release from the Civil Protection Staff of the Republic of Croatia19 Mar 2020, 10:30 local time“To date, 1264 samples have been tested.”
Czech Republic1161920 Mar 2020Ministery of Health info page20 Mar 2020, 18:00 local time“Total number of tests performed: 11,619; Total number of people with proven COVID-19 infection: 833; total number of cured: 4”
Denmark1073020 Mar 2020Statens Serum Institut (SSI) under the Danish Ministry of Health20 Mar 2020, 17:00 local time“People tested: 10730; Infected persons: 1255; Deaths: 9”
Faeroe Islands164120 Mar 2020Statens Serum Institut (SSI) under the Danish Ministry of Health20 Mar 2020, 17:00 local time“People tested: 1641; Infected persons: 80; Deaths: 0”
Estonia250420 Mar 2020Media report, interview with head of Emergencey Medicine at the Health Board.20 Mar 2020The report states: “[Since] January 31, a total of 2504 COVID-19 tests have been performed”
Finland300019 Mar 2020Media interview with Mika Salminen, Health Security Division19 Mar 2020The report says: “Salminen said that in Finland more than 3,000 corona tests have been conducted.”
France3674715 Mar 2020Santé Publique France; epidemiological update15 Mar 2020, MidnightFigure 4 in the report shows a bar chart of the daily tests and notes the total tests and positive tests: “(N total = 36 747 tests, n positifs = 6 153 tests)”
Germany16700015 Mar 2020Media report quoting the German Hospital Society (DKG)19 Mar 2020The report states: “definitely more than 167,000 [tests have been conducted]. As the German Hospital Society (DKG) announced on Thursday, 167,009 samples were tested in 148 laboratories by the end of last week, of which 6540 were positive.” We interpret ‘the end of last week’ as the 15 March.
Hong Kong527105 Mar 2020Government news website06 Mar 2020Quotes Xu Deyi, deputy director of the Food and Health Bureau. “as of March 5, 5,271 laboratory samples have been completed, of which four were confirmed cases”
Hungary300720 Mar 2020Hungarian Government information page20 Mar 2020, 11:17 local time“Number of samples tested in an accredited laboratory: 3 007”
Iceland918920 Mar 2020Official website20 Mar 2020, 11:00Samples (‘sýni’): 9189. Updated daily at 11:00
India1451420 Mar 2020Indian Council of Medical Research website20 Mar 2020, 18:00 IST“A total of 15,404 samples from 14,514 individuals have been tested for SARS-CoV2 as on 20th
March 2020 6 PM IST”
Indonesia202820 Mar 2020Situation report at the Indonesian Health Department website20 Mar 2020The ‘Situasi COVID-19’ box reports ‘The number of people examined’ [‘Jumlah orang yang diperiksa’] as 2028
Iran8000014 Mar 2020Media report citing Director of Pasteur Institute of Iran Dr. Alireza Biglari14 Mar 2020According to the report: “Director of Pasteur Institute of Iran Dr. Alireza Biglari said over 220,000 of coronavirus test kits have been donated to Iran, about 80,000 of them already used.”
Ireland660017 Mar 2020Statement from department of health spokesperson17 Mar 2020The spokesperson states reports 292 people have tested positive in total and states: “The number of people tested is over 6,600”.
Israel1086418 Mar 2020Post of Ministry of Health Telegram account18 Mar 2020We have not been able to find a legible version of the chart. We give the test numbers from this source as reported by Wikipedia.
Italy20688620 Mar 2020Statistical report from the Italian Ministry of Health20 Mar 2020, 17:00 local timeTotal cases (‘Casi Totali’): 41035 – this includes dismissed/healed cases and also deaths. Not totally clear if ‘Tamponi’ (meaning ‘swabs’/’tests’) refers to individuals or samples.
Japan1490119 Mar 2020Ministry of Health webpage19 Mar 2020, 12:00 local timeFrom the context, it looks like the numbers we indicate here refer to people tested and confirmed cases. The same source provides an alternative table of what looks like the number of tests conducted, reporting 34,922 tests by the 17th March.
Kuwait17 Mar 2020Communication from International Press Office at the Ministry of Information in the State of Kuwait, 17 March 2020.17 Mar 2020In an earlier version of this dataset we reported an estimate of 120,000 tests based on an official letter sent to us by the Ministry of Information. After this, they sent a second email correcting their estimate to 27,000, and then a further correction to 20,000. Since no figure is substantiated in a public statement, we have decided to not publish the numbers. We will revise this once the numbers are made public.
Kyrgyzstan1,54513 Mar 2020Media report citing ‘Health Minister’ at a press conference (paywall)13 Mar 2020Title of article: “1,545 people tested for coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan – Health Minister”
Latvia320520 Mar 2020Social media post from official account of the Latvian Center for Disease Prevention and Control 20 Mar 2020The estimate is provided as a social media post from official account of the Latvian CDPC.
Lithuania115420 Mar 2020Press release, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania20 Mar 2020, 09:00 local time“To date, a total of 1154 samples have been analyzed for suspected coronavirus”
Malaysia1387620 Mar 2020Official Portal Ministry of Health Malaysia20 Mar 2020, 17:00“Case confirmed positive 1030; Case confirmed negative 9113; Pending (still pending laboratory decision) 3733; TOTAL AMOUNT 13876”
Malta88913 Mar 2020Media report in Times of Malta, citing “Health authorities”13 Mar 2020News report without quoted source
Mexico27810 Mar 2020Media report quoting the Health Ministry12 Mar 2020The report says: “As of Tuesday night, the Mexican Health Ministry said it had performed 278 tests.”
Netherlands6,00007 Mar 2020Social media post from Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, official account07 Mar 2020
New Zealand58417 Mar 2020Press release, Ministry of Health17 Mar 2020, 08:00 local timeThe press release provides a breakdown of tests conducted, as follows: 11 confirmed cases, 2 probable cases, 571 negative tests. More recent press releases do not include a section on tests conducted.
Norway4373520 Mar 2020Daily report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health20 Mar 2020, 09:00 local time“Up to 09.00 20.3.20 we have received reports of 43,735 total tested for SARS_CoV2 in Norway.”
Pakistan197919 Mar 2020Daily report from the Ministry of National Health Services19 Mar 2020The figures relate to ‘Cumulative tests performed’ and ‘Cumulative test positive cases’.
Palestine2,51916 Mar 2020Official social media post from Ministry of Health16 Mar 2020The estimate is provided as a PDF statement. Wikipedia mentions the reported figures, but we could not translate the content to confirm the source
Panama145518 Mar 2020Media report covering interview with a number of health officials18 Mar 2020The article provides quotes from two health officials. However, it is not clear to whom the assertion – ‘1,455 tests have been carried out, or which 93% were negative” – is attributed.
Philippines1,26920 Mar 2020The Republic of the Philippines Department of Health, Dashboard20 Mar 2020, 12:00 PSTThe dashboard reports 1,269 total tests. In March 9, an article in reported 2,000 tests, which contradicts the official figures.
Poland1307220 Mar 2020Official social media post from Ministry of Health20 Mar 2020The post displays the number of samples tested (“Liczba przebadanych probek”)
Qatar840017 Mar 2020Media report quoting Minister of Public Health of Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari18 Mar 2020The report says: “As of 17 March, almost 8,400 people in Qatar have been tested for COVID-19.”
Romania828420 Mar 2020Press release, Ministry of Interior, COVID briefing – 19 – Strategic Communication Group20 Mar 2020“To date, 8,284 tests have been processed at the national level, of which 40 in private medical units. Of these, 7,976 were negative, that is, the persons from whom the analyzed samples were taken are not infected with COVID-19.”
Russia143,51919 Mar 2020Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing20 Mar 2020The press release states: “As of March 19, 2020, 143,519 laboratory studies were carried out for the presence of a new coronavirus…”
Slovakia270720 Mar 2020Official government website for Coronavirus20 Mar 2020, 15:00
Slovenia986019 Mar 2020Media report quoting a Minister of Health19 Mar 2020The report states: “9860 infection tests were performed”, quoting a Minister of Health.
South Africa643820 Mar 2020National Institute for Communicable Diseases20 Mar 2020Figures refer to ‘Tests conducted’ and ‘Positive cases’.
South Korea316,66420 Mar 2020Report 202, Korean Center for Disease Control20 Mar 2020, 00:00 local timeThe statistical reports from the Korean Center for Disease Control are always published in the same repository and are updated daily. Positive tests include cases classified as Confirmed, Discharged, Isolated and Deceased.
Spain3000018 Mar 2020Unattributed claim in media report18 Mar 2020The report says: “Spain has only done 30,000 since the beginning of the crisis”, but does not attribute the claim to anyone.
Sweden1430017 Mar 2020Sweden Public Health Authority website17 Mar 2020, 16:00 local timeFigures refer to individuals tested
Switzerland4,00007 Mar 2020News report without quoted source07 Mar 2020The estimate is provided without further source. We could not confirm it in any other official statement
Taiwan21,37620 Mar 2020Official dashboard from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control20 Mar 2020, 17:30 local timeEstimates are updated several times during the day. Positive tests refer to the reported number of confirmed cases.
Thailand7,08417 Mar 2020Situation Report, Department of Disease Control17 Mar 2020, 23:00 local timeThe situation reports have changed. The figure reported here can be recovered via
Turkey290010 Mar 2020Statement from Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey10 Mar 2020We provide number of tests as reported by Wikipedia, and could not confirm ourselves (link)
Ukraine31620 Mar 2020Update Ministry of Health of Ukraine website20 Mar 2020, 10:00 local timeThe update states: “Since the beginning of 2020, there have been 316 reports of suspicion [‘повідомлення про підозру’] of COVID-19”. From previous releases, it is fairly clear that ‘reports of suspicion’ relate to the number of people tests.
United Arab Emirates125,00016 Mar 2020Social media post from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, United Arab Emirates16 Mar 2020The press release, published in Twitter by the official account from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, reads as follows: “To date the UAE has performed over 125,000 test”
United Kingdom64,62119 Mar 2020Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England19 Mar 2020, 09:00 local time“As of 9am on 19 March 2020, 64,621 people have been tested in the UK, of which 61,352 were confirmed negative and 3,269 were confirmed positive.”
United States – CDC samples tested3764614 Mar 2020Report, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention19 Mar 2020, 16:00 ETFigures refer to specimens tested. Data is updated at noon Mondays through Fridays. The current report, published on 19 March 2020, includes only consolidated estimates up until 14 March 2020. As of 14 March 2020, public health laboratories using the CDC assay are no longer required by FDA to submit samples to CDC for confirmation.
United States103,94519 Mar 2020COVID Tracking Project19 Mar 2020, 16:00 ET“The US has now tested at least 103,945 people, up 27,450 from yesterday’s total. Note that we can only track tests that a state reports. And not all states report negative tests.”
Vietnam15,63720 Mar 2020Ministry of Health, Dashborard with statistics on COVID-1920 Mar 2020, 19:45 local time“Cumulative number of tested samples: 15,637; Number of positive samples: 91; Number of negative samples: 15,546”

Population estimates to calculate tests per million people

For Taiwan, Guangdong (China), Canadian provinces and Australian states and territories, we rely on population estimates from Wikipedia. For all other countries we rely on UN Population data, as shown on the map here.